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A Taste Of HorsePIP

We built this from the ground up for horse people


Every horse has its own special place on HorsePIP. Create your horse's very own profile and fill in your horse's breed, disciplines, age, pedgiree and more. Share your horse with the world on HorsePIP.


Whether you are a horse professional, owner or just a horse enthusaist, there is a place for you on HorsePIP. You can create your own profile, populate your details and communicate with other members.


If you discover a horse you bred, used to own or perhaps trained, then you can associate with that horse on HorsePIP. You can associate yourself with a horse and it will appear on their profile.


We've made sure photos are a central part of HorsePIP so everyone can upload as many photos as they like to HorsePIP. You can upload individual photos and even create albums.


Tag your horses in photos that have been uploaded to HorsePIP. Every tag of a horse allows you to choose what age your horse was in the picture, serving as a great reference when looking back.


Populate your news feed with horses and people you want to keep in touch. You can follow just an individual horse or follow someones full profile to get all of their updates.


Browse the hundreds of different horses on HorsePIP in a beautiful and informative way. Scroll through the endless list of horses uploaded by their owners from all around the world.


Looking for a specific horse? Just want to look at horses from a certain country? Using our advanced search feature you can filter horses by name, sex, discipline, breed, country and much more.


Get your very own news feed on HorsePIP, only showing the content you want to see. Your news feed is populated with the activity of all the horses and profiles you follow on HorsePIP.


Help us build the worlds largest catalogue of horses by filling in your horses pedigree history, you never know you may find your horses bloodline is already on HorsePIP!

Support Horses and the Horse Industry

HorsePIP was built so we can all share our cherished horses with the world. While we all treat our horses with the care, love and respect they deserve, unforuntately this is not always the case. Sometimes horses fall into the wrong hands and are malnourished, mistreated or worse...
That's why we pledge to donate a portion of our profits towards helping horses in need.

We Love Our Horses Too

Horsepip has been created with the intention of supporting the horse industry across all diciplines and to promoting horse welfare. To make this happen and to contribute, all you have to do is to share your horses and horse world on Horsepip. Together we can make a difference!